Monday, July 2, 2012

Cambridge Placement Test

Last Thursday, I joined other Heads of English Language Panels to attend a briefing on Cambridge Placement Test (CPT) at PPDJB. The briefing was conducted by Ms. Ruzana and Mr. Vijayan, the JB DELOs and it turned out that every English optionist in Malaysia has to sit for this test. I did wonder why the test was made compulsory for all the teachers and what type of assessment do we have to endure. According to the DELOs, it was supposed to be a yardstick to measure a teacher's English Language competence. 

The test is conducted online and will test on comprehension, listening and grammatical competence. For the teachers in Johor Bahru, the test would be conducted on Friday the 13th (oh, isn't that an auspicious date? Heh). Teachers will be given 30 minutes to answer all of the questions. Hopefully, sans technical glitch and server problems as the test would be concurrently carried out in JB and Segamat as well.

The bands. Au contraire, we definitely shouldn't be jumping in joy if we achieve A1 in the test :P According to the DELO, those who did not achieve a targetted band will have to attend courses. I've been told some teachers failed in the test not because they lack the competence in ELT but apparently, they aren't tech-savvy and misunderstood the rubrics given. So do familiarise yourself with the test structure and hopefully the tutorials and demo provided can assist you in some way or another.

In case you would like to try out the test before the assigned date, feel free to try out the demo. My advice, please get yourself a good headphone or earphone because you really need it when you have to listen attentively to the audio recordings.
To try out the demo for Cambridge Placement Test, click here.

Good luck !


Anonymous said...

what the token num?

Nor Fadzleen said...

It's actually stated in the slide presentation I've shared. For your info, the token is demcpte1.

Jarod Yong said...

It seems the low scoring candidates will be rewarded with a holiday. There isn't any incentive for teachers to do more than 'pass' so I bet the results will more or less reflect a mere pass or a lot of fails because cunning ones want a holiday.

Also, I hear of centres conducting the test by putting all the teachers in one room. Thus, lots of discussion & even outsiders could be there.
Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Oh, well, just looking for a place to vent. I cant wait to take the test actually. Going to blow it away like a boss.

Anonymous said...

even with token number and registeration ,i couldn't open the cpt test, any demo test for pselt test ?

suituapui said...

Doesn't the MOE recognise its own SPM English qualification...or at least, the Cambridge 1119 awarded simultaneously? This certainly is a slap in the face of the Malaysian Examination Syndicate then... Why bother sitting for a subject that its own people do not recognise. The irony of it all!!!

Anonymous said...

So how to know the result once the test is done?

Dari Meja Kawe said...

Untill now, no news about the result. What we'll get is 480 hours course. Get ready ELt

Nor Fadzleen said...

Hi there,
Not sure bout other district but for JB, they have identified the teachers who do not reach the stipulated marks required and they are assigned to a course. Funny thing is, we are not supposed to know our marks which beats the purpose of assessment validity coz it's not transparent. Perhaps it would be announced at later time? Will update if I have latest news on this.

prema said...

So why talk about transparency, transparency, and transparency when moe is not transparent. So hoe to know the truth? Try to learn from other Countries about transparency. Now I know why we are among the last in education system .