Sunday, September 13, 2009

2010 English Literature Component

Next year, there would be a major reshuffling of the literary texts for the secondary school students. Frankly, I'm relieved that MOE decided to decrease the number of poems and short stories this time. It's about time as teachers have been struggling to teach the current literary texts within short time span. I have to admit that I have never heard of most of the writers (except for Latif Mohidin & Zurinah Hassan who are famous Malay poets) but I'm sure that they are chosen for good reasons. Personally, it would interesting if they decide to put any of Roger McGough's eccentric poems or one of Roahl Dahl's quirky short stories but hey, that's just MY point of view. I'm delighted that they are going to introduce plays as it's one of the literary genres that could spark engagement, exploration and excitement in language classroom. How I wish they could use plays written by Malaysian playwrights like Malaysian Laureate Nordin Hassan, Kee Thuan Chye, Syed Alwi, Ann Lee, Huzir Sulaiman, to name a few. Isn't it about time we acknowledge our own talented Malaysians? That's just my 2 cents.

Below is the complete list of the literary texts:

Form 1:
1. The River -Valerie Bloom
2. Mr Nobody - author unknown
Short Stories
1. Flipping Fantastic -Jane Langford

Form 2:
1. I wonder - Jeannie Kirby
2. Heir Conditioning - M. Shanmughalingam
Short Stories
1. One is One and All Alone - Nicholas Fisk
1. Rumpelstiltskin -Angela Lanyon

Form 3:
1. A Fighter's Line- Marzuki Ali
2. Leisure - Willian Henry Davies

Form 4:
1. In the Midst of Hardship -Latiff Mohidin
2. He Had such Quiet Eyes -Bibsy Soenharjo
Short Stories
1. QWERTYUIOP -Vivian Alcock
2. The Fruitcake Special -Frank Brennan
1. Gulp and Gasp- John Townsend

Form 5:
1. Nature -H.D. Carberry
2. Are you Still Playing Your Flute -Zurinah Hassan

It's interesting to note that there's no novel this time. I was wishing there would be at least a novel for the Fifth Formers. Perhaps I'm too used to the notion that literature component is incomplete sans novel? Let's be optimistic and hope that the students will be enthusiastic in exploring the joy of literature.


Azrina said...

tq for the info :)

mizzjo said...

Wow, your site is great! Rasa gembira & bangga berjumpa dgn pendidik yg bersemangat spt Cikgu Nor Fadzleen.

I'm a part-time English tutor for PMR/SPM students btw. Found your site while searching for Lit notes :)

Teruskan usaha Cikgu!

Nor Fadzleen said...

You're welcome Azrina.
Thanks for dropping by mizzjo :) I hope you managed to get what you're looking for.

Arifendi said...

hello, juz wanna chip in..

i heard that there will be novel for form 3 and form 5. the problems with drama was that it is time consuming. i prefer the drama be taught in f2 and f4, thus during these years, the SS can savour the honey taste of literature.

Baby teacher Fendi
Smk Simpang Renggam

Nor Fadzleen said...

Hi Fendi,
Thanks for the info. I think at this very moment, we just have to wait and see for the finalised literary texts. IMHO, if we are looking at the theatrical aspects, perhaps drama may be time consuming but studying the script from the literary aspect might not be a bad idea after all. I agree with you that we should teach drama to non-exam classes.

hello said...

novels will be introduced only to Form 3 and Form 5 students. the titles are yet to be confirmed. the dramas will be done at Form 2 and Form 4. check out for authentic assessment!

Nor Fadzleen said...

Hi there, hello :) Thanks for the info.

Arasz said...


cool site! groovy :)
do u mind if i link this to my site?
i'm a teacher too ;)

Nor Fadzleen said...

Thanks for dropping by Arasz. No problem. It's nice to get to know another teacher online :)

mossczarfar said...


read my post in ENGLISHOASIS? would like to hear ur comment on that. bout ur site: nice and groovy as arasz said. hope could be more informative and helping rural students especially in d new literature components. the old one is already a problem and disaster to them then come the new

Nor Fadzleen said...

Salam Mossczarfar,
Thanks for dropping by. IMHO, all English Language teachers, regardless of their demographic factors want the best for their students. I empathise with your situation as I've taught in a small town before. Honestly, weaker students need more motivation to read English Lit. Besides that, we need to adapt the learning materials to suit their proficiency level as most reference books on the market are too advance for them. That's how my interest in developing my own learning materials started. For the new Lit Component, I'll share what I know and what I have with others. It may not be much but I guess sharing is caring yeah :)

SarahDin said...

Salam and Hi everyone...

I'm currently waiting to be posted at the end of this year...I've heard of how my friends were very disappointed with the working environment in school is and frankly, I am quite worried about it (fyi, some have already resigned)...
Anyway,I've just recently heard from my sister (she has just finishd her KPLI) and her colleagues (who are also English teachers) that there will be a big change in the English subject next year...I am sooooo not prepared for that...
Is there anything I can do or anyone I can contact to get hold of these information (since i'm not part of any school yet)?My sister has just got a copy of the new lit component but we're both still wondering if the HSP will also change...we were just starting to plan our own SOW for next year too..
P/s: So far, me and my sister find it very difficult to find teachers who are really serious bout their job or even willing to share their experiences..that's y I've turned to the net..I hope this raises the possibility for me to bump into teachers who can help us enjoy being a secondary school teacher in Malaysia...

Thanks n Best Regards,

Nor Fadzleen said...

Salam Sarah,
By reading your comment, I know that you are full of enthusiasms and expectations on the teaching professions. Good for you!

Sad to say, the teaching environment nowadays is not as picture perfect as we would like it to be. Some of us have to face rigid administrators, endless stream of documentation work, difficult colleagues, rowdy students and the list of problems might go on and on. Nonetheless, it all depends on your objective in being a teacher. Are you here because you want to educate and trigger your students' success or merely there for the sake of being there? We deal with the issues rather than run away from the issues. It may not solve all the problems, we may not able to produce all As students but as long you contribute to the positive development of your students, I think that's already considered as a great success!

Good teachers find problems but great teachers find solutions, that's a point worth pondering ;) Think positive and remember, when you teach with love, everything will turn out well, Insya Allah.

Anonymous said...


I have been following your blog for quite some time now. About the new lit comp, personally i look forward in preparing teaching materials like pics in power point, whatever needed...i can't wait for the novels titles....this holidays will be used to prepare the teaching materials....ezlin

chelvi ganesan said...

Helo. I am a teacher teaching English for Form 1 and Form 2 in a school in Butterworth. I am not an optionist yet due to the lack of English teachers i have been assigned to do so. I am teaching weak classes. I just found your blog. It is useful. Thank you to you. - Chelvi Ganesan

marry said...

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Kilrathi said...

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norell said...

salam, alhamdullillah ifound this blog. it helps me a lot plus we are in same hometown but now i stay in tganu. for your info i am teacher to be. now i was in sem 9 in bachelor tesl. wat i afraid is, i can't cope with real teaching life. i hope we can meet eye to eye once i back to JB. hope you can give me your contact number so that i get tips for my preparations to teach.

Nor Fadzleen said...

Salam and hi to those who jotted down messages. I'm sorry as it took me awhile to check the comments due to my hectic schedule before this. Keep the comments coming. It would definitely help me to improve this blog and my teaching as well.

To Norell, add me on Facebook entropia[at]

hanie said...

Tq so much for the info.., im currently taking degree in TESL and i found this blog 2 b so informative.., Thnx cikgu..., keep up the good work ^^

Darsh said...

Hi Fadzleen!

Excellent work with the website and Congrats for winning the MELTA award! Here are the latest updates regarding the new Literature Component:

The Curse by Lee Su Ann


Step by Wicked Step by Ann Fine


Catch Us If You Can by Catherine McPhail


Hope this helps!

aie369 said...


I tried to click the Angela lanyon link but there is no result...

Nor Fadzleen said...

Hi and thanks to those who had commented on my blog. To hanie and darsh, glad to meet both of you here.

To aie, the link was available before this so I assume that it has been moved somewhere else. I'll try to fix it somehow. thanks for the info.

Rashidah said...

assalamualaikum Pn Norfadzleen,
just viewed your blog, nice to know that you have put a lot of effort to make the literature lesson an interesting one. I am currently doing my doctorate and my focus are basically on literature and mobile learning.. just wonder if i can can some information and discuss some aspects of P&P with you?

Nor Fadzleen said...

W'salam Rashidah,
Thanks, how kind of you to say that. Do email me at n.fadzleen[at]gmail[dot]com

Anonymous said...

salam..i'm going to do my practical as an english teacher this Monday.I will be teaching Form 4 students.Do you have any tips for me?I am very nervous :D

Thank you

Nor Fadzleen said...

Salam and hi there,
I emphatise with you as I used to be anxious on my first day of school practical as well. I believe the best way to reduce the anxiety is by doing ample preparation before you step into the class. Get to know your students and familiarise yourself with the proficiency level of the classes you'll be teaching. From there, you can devise your lesson more efficiently as it would cater to your students' need. Don't worry if at times, not everyone is able to perform as you expected. Teaching is not about perfection, it is about progress. The more you teach, the better you'll become. Good luck and if you need any info, you can drop me a line :)