Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2010 Johor Student Leaders Council Charity Dinner

The Johor Student Leaders Council will hold its debut Charity Dinner to commemorate its establishment.  It will be held on Monday, 29th November 2010 at Persada Johor (8 pm). HRH Tuanku Raja Zarith Sofiah, the Johor Ruler Consort will be gracing the event and later on, officiate  the establishment of the Johor Student Leaders Congress and the Student Leaders Board. Adibah Noor, the vocal powerhouse will also be belting some numbers to entertain the guests.
Below are the name of the performers during the JSLC Charity Dinner :
Primary School

1. Fatimah Zahra Zulkurnain- SK Sri Skudai
2. Nurul Nadira Mohamad- SK Taman Tun Aminah 2
3. Fatimah Nurulfatihah Dorahim- SK Taman Nusa Perintis
4. Alexandra Paige Nadja Fernandez- SK Seri Tebrau
5. Nurin Nadiah Rusman-SK Taman Universiti
6. An-Nur Farin Sabrina-SK Nong Chik
7. Ariz Akmal-SK Bandar Baru Uda 2
 8.Rabiatul Aynah Hazni-SIGS
 9. Shmita Rai Kannan-Jesus Convent
10.   Muhammad Farid Shamsuddin – SK Nong Chik
11.   Nasreen Qistina Mohd Nasir- SKBBU2
12.   Nureen Farhanah Mokhtar-SK Taman Universiti
13.   Iklil Hawaa Noordin-SIGS
14.   Muhammad Syamim Mohd Syahri – SK Taman Tun Aminah 2
15.   Nurul Iman Athirah Ahmad Fauzi- Jesus Convent
17.   Arvind Ravindran-SJKT Taman Tun Aminah
18.   Lee Bao Yi –SJKC Pu Sze

Secondary School
1.       Mohd Syafiq Mohd Azhar –SMK Tasek Utara
2.       Mohd Rizuan Zainal Abiden-SMK  Skudai
3.       Kamarul Baharin Kamal –SMK Bandar Baru Uda
4.       Hoo Jiong Sheng-SMK Seri Perling
5.       Ahmad Fadhil Abd Majid – SMK Md Khalid
6.       Nur Farahin Samsudin-SMK Taman Desa Skudai
7.       Kressan Gajendran – SMK Md Khalid
8.       Mohd Khairul Niyaz Mohd Azlan Sunil-SMK Dato Jaafar
9.       Khairiyah Khirrudin-SIGS
10.   Elicia Cheng-IJ Convent
11.   Yean Yan Tong-Sekolah Sultan Ismail
12.   Amira Fahira Mansor-SMK Tasek Utara
13.   Siti Aminah Shaiful Bahri-SMK Bandar Baru Uda
14.   Aine Atiqah Mohd Asri-SMK Taman Desa Skudai
15.   Azam Ariffin- Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar
16.   Tommy Gan Jia Shen –SMK Aminuddin Baki
17.   K Sharsindra Pratheen-Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar
18.   Syairazi Zharfan Zainul Hakim- SMK Seri Perling
19.   Norafiqah Asilah Rusli-SMK Aminuddin Baki
20.   Kalisswari Apparao-SIGS
21.   Aisyah Razali –IJ Convent
22.   Shima Rani Rengasamy-SMK Gelang Patah

 The students will be performing an interlude of songs and dances comprising of  Gemuruh Jiwa  (by all the JSLC members)  followed by  Traditional Dance (Zapin, Joget & Citrawarna). Up next is the choir from IJ Convent.  One highlight of the charity dinner would be the choral performance of  the 20 members of JSLC  where they shall be singing 'We are the World' together with children with special needs.  I am sure the Charity Dinner would be a raving success and hopefully, everything will turn out well.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

1119 English Literature: An Analysis

Poetry and Short Stories

The Lotus Eater
Sonnet 18
Looking For A Rain God
Si Tenggang’s Homecoming
The Drover’s Wife
The Road Not Taken
The Lotus Eater
Si Tenggang’s Homecoming
The Sound Machine
Si Tenggang’s Homecoming
The Necklace
Monsoon History

Tips:  The answers to the first three items on the short story and poem can be found in the extract given while the last item requires candidate to provide personal responses with close reference to the poem/short story. 

The Novel

Choose an event in the novel you have studied which you find to be most memorable. Give reasons for your choice and with close reference to the text, discuss the event.
‘Love is important in a family.’ How is this shown in the novel you have read? Support your answers with close reference to the text.
Character & Characterisation
The writer describes the main character as a very determined person. Using details from the novel you have studied, write about:
-some instances that show the character’s determination.
-how the determination affects his/her family.
Character & Characterisation
‘It is important to have a person you look up to in your life.’ From the novel you’ve read, write about one character that you looked up to. Give a reason why you choose him/her.
Describe what happens at the end of the novel and explains why you find the ending happy or sad.
Character & Plot
Using the details from the novel you have studied, write about a difficult decision made by one of the characters.  With close reference to the text, do you think this was the right decision?

Tips:  The length of a candidate's answer does not guarantee one will receive better marks. Giving a direct and apt response with appropriate justifications will garner extra points. A candidate must also provide close reference to the text as it shows the depth of one's understanding of the chosen text.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Alhamdulillah. It's official now. Another reason to keep on learning and teaching with utmost fervour. Hopefully the new post will fuel me to be a better educator. It's been a painstaking journey to get to where I am now. Struggling with work confirmation glitch for a couple of years, Being manipulated  (due to my own inadequacies of standing up for my right), burnout, you name it, I faced them all. I was unhappy with the teaching profession at that time. I felt situations were not accomodating me at all. In a nutshell, I was a sad, frustrated teacher.

Then one day, I picked up a book that totally changed the course of my life.

M Scott Peck's The Road Less Travelled.

I realised blaming everyone and everything will not change the situations nor will it solve any issue that I face in life.  From the book I've read, I realised that the only way things will change is when I think positive and initiate action to overcome any obstacles or challenges along the way. I can not sit around, twiddle my thumbs and wait for a miracle to happen. To be a great teacher, one must be a good learner. I've learned from my colleagues and my own students on how to improve my teaching methodology and make learning more meaningful for my students.

I also learn that it is not easy to initiate a change, to do something totally out of your comfort zone. When I started doing the action research for the first time, I was at first sceptical on its effectiveness. When I realised how the project I did had maximised my students' enthusiasm in learning by leaps and bounds, I was motivated.  When I came across this blog, I was totally in awe of Kak Rahmah's dedication in teaching. Her positive attitude and optimism somewhat fueled me to emulate her fervour in teaching. She is my role model and I am glad that she is kind enough to share her knowledge with me. She triggered me to ride the unchartered waters and I dared myself to present paper at international conferences. I had inhibition of course (who would want to listen to me? / I'm not good enough) but  I told myself, you got nothing to lose. The biggest demon is insecurities , to convince yourself that you need to perservere regardless of whatever criticism you might receive from others. Life is not all about perfection, it's all about progress.

It is inevitable to deny that it is a big responsibility to be a Guru Cemerlang/Master Teacher. People have expectations upon you, watching your every moves and wanting mind-blowing results and outcomes. Personally, I hope to learn more and improve on my teaching skills. I hope to network with more teachers and nurture my students' love for learning. I would also like to thank all of the followers & visitors of this humble blog. I have an ongoing mission : learn to teach with love :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SPM Countdown: The Pearl Pop Quiz flashcards

I've discovered this awesome web-based application called Quizlet via Zaid Alsagoff. The site features flash cards, vocabulary memorisation and study games. Now, who says learning is a bore? To me, this is definitely a fun way to study. I find that it is an apt platform to assist English Language teachers in teaching vocabulary and terminology in the virtual classroom. Did I mention that it is also FREE OF CHARGE? :)

Another plus for Quizlet is it's a fuss-free application. Even for web-novice, it is quite easy to build your own set of  flashcards on any topic that one desires. For instance, I've decided to design The Pearl Pop Quiz flashcards to assist my Form 5 students in revising for their upcoming SPM examination. Even if I am not able to be in school to teach them, they still can retrieve the material 24-7 as long they are connected to the Internet. No reason for not studying even if the teacher is not around.

I love the fact that one can login via one's Facebook account. Since most of my students are perpetually online (especially checking out their Facebook accounts), I believe this would be a great way to coax them to study while oogling their friends' latest photos or updates. To me, the possibilities are endless with Quizlet. I intend to explore more with this freeware and hopefully, I can come up with more flashcard sets to perk up the students' interest in learning. Do check it out!