Thursday, November 12, 2009

2009 ICELT Snapshots

Presenting my paper
Explaining the versatility of educational freeware & games to the audience

Chris Allen rocks! I love his nonchalant approach towards ELT.

Annie Hughes enthralled us with her story telling techniques.

Rodney's melodrama workshop kept everyone in stitches.

Carolyn Graham, the inventor of Jazz Chants.

A candid shot of Carolyn & I.

Haslina a.k.a. Jack, Carolyn & I. Jack earned her 15 mins of fame when Carolyn chanted her name during her session ;)

"Mummy" & "Jack"

The uber-cool Sofia & I. Keep in touch aye ;)

Reunited with Mdm. Ho, whose daughters were my ex-students.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I'll be heading off to Melaka tomorrow for ICELT 2009, held at The Equitorial Hotel. According to the schedule, I'll be presenting my paper at 2.30 p.m in Seri Nyonya's room. Although I've revised and rehearsed for a couple of times, I'm still having butterflies in my stomach. Well, I guess the thought of talking in front of professional English Language practitioners is a bit overwhelming but I'll try my best to deliver my presentation. Thanks to Kak Milah for your tips in giving an effective presentation. Hopefully, everything will turn out well tomorrow, Insya Allah. Besides that, I'm hoping to see familiar faces and make new friends as well. I was delighted when I knew Jack is coming to the conference. She was my ex-housemate 10 years back, a bonafide egghead ;)

I've noticed that majority of this blog's visitors are seeking for information on the new English Literature Component. I've set up another blog, Leen's Language Lab as my e-learning hub for all my interactive learning materials. Do check it out as I've designed 4 modules based on the F1-F3 poems and short stories. More materials will be added soon :)

Wish me luck in my presentation as I really need it :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A simple survey

Attention to all teachers,
I'm conducting a simple survey on the use of educational freeware and games in ELT. If you are interested, please click the link below and answer the questions that follow. Your response and cooperation are highly appreciated.

Teachers' perceptions on the use of freeware & games in ELT.