Saturday, November 19, 2011

Power Of Being A Good Teacher

I came across these videos while searching for some resources on You Tube. The topic was 'Power of Being A Good Teacher' which is relevant to my professional growth. The guest is Professor Dr. Muhaya Hj. Muhammad, Personal and Professional Development Expert, Alliance College of Medical Science (ACMS) and someone who I admire for her attitude towards life, her string of accolades and optimistic life principles. I totally agree with her when she stressed that in order to be an excellent teacher, you can't stop learning and you ought to constantly upgrade yourself from time to time. Personally, I do hope I will be able to emulate all my former teachers and lecturers who have been great sources of inspiration. One essential thing I've learned from them is to stay down to earth and to keep on learning. Do check out the videos below and I hope they would inspire you as they had inspired me. Happy holidays!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Leadership and English Language Camp (LELaC V)

Wondering what to do this school holidays?

Why not head down to Penang and take part in LELaC V? I was contacted by the creator of LELaC, AP Dr Muhamamd Kamarul Kabilan of School of Educational Studies, USM, Malaysia recently and I think it's a brilliant programme to enhance your leadership qualities and inculcate love towards the English Language. It is opened for students aged  9-17 years old. It would be held from 6-8 December 2011 at Seberang Perai Polytechnic, Penang. Registration fee is RM190, including food and accomodation. For ex LELaCers, you only pay RM160.

Here are some information extracted from LELaC's flyer :

The content of this programme aims to encourage and motivate learners to:
- become a confident, motivating leader and communicator
- become a confident speaker
- convey thoughts effectively
- get people to listen to your opinions
- feel confident and assured when leading a large group of individuals

LELaC aims to help the learners achieve the above by:
- focusing mainly on skill building as a leader and effective speaker.
- using interesting and challenging activities that will get learners thinking creatively (in a collaborative, fun atmosphere)
- building the skills and confidence to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

 If you are interested, please e-mail Dr. Kabilan or call 0123490305 to register.  The closing date is on 4th December 2011. Do check it out :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tips for 1119 English Language Paper

Tomorrow, all the Fifth formers will sit for the 1119 English paper. I guess the teachers are as jittery as the students when it comes to examination. Here are some gentle reminders on some aspects that you need to remember in preparing for the upcoming examination.

• Remember S.T.A.M.P. (Setting/Themes/Actors (Characters)/Moral Values/Plots. They will usually test you on one of the aforementioned literary elements.

• Know your novel well. Read the novel once through before your exam to refresh your memory about the events that occur. Highlight important events (including sad and happy events) and the effect of these events on the characters. Justify your answers with evidences from the novel.

• Find out synonyms of the important words found in all the poems.

Essay Writing:

• For directed writing, use all the points given and justify with appropriate examples.
• Do not waste time counting the number of words for directed writing. A page and a half would suffice.
• For continuous writing, choose the topic that you feel most confident writing. Infuse idiomatic expressions appropriately to enhance your composition.

Good luck and I pray that you'll be able to ace your 1119 paper! ♥

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MRSM's SPM Trial Exam Paper 2011

I know it has been a long hiatus as I was rather occupied with streams of obligations. Apart from heading the panel in setting up the Johor Bahru's Final Year Examination paper for Form Four this year, I had to attend meetings with the CDD as well. Oh yeah, assessment management can definitely take a toll on your time as well. First, it was the SPM Trial Exam and now it's the final year exam papers for my Form 4 and Form 1 students. A teacher's work is endless! Nonetheless, I would like to share another set of trial exam questions with all of my blog readers and followers. This is the trial exam question from MRSM and I do hope that it would help the teachers and students in preparing for the upcoming SPM examination. Thanks to this site for the paper, sharing is caring! To those celebrating Hari Raya Haji, I wish you a blessed Eid :) MRSM's SPM Trial Exam 2011 - English Language