Thursday, June 10, 2010

19th MELTA International Conference 2010: A Photo Essay

The opening ceremony was officiated by HRH Raja Zarith Sofiah, the Patron of MELTA. HRH gave a thought-provoking speech on the evolving learning paradigms of ELT. It was interesting to bump into some famous bloggers such as RockyBru and Nuraina Samad (I was too shy to say hello) who  graced the ceremony as well. Power to the bloggers :)

The esteemed Dr. Hyacinth Gaudart conducted an engaging workshop 'Learning Is Fun!'. I bought her book 'Lively Language Learning' and it is worth every cent. A must have for every teacher!
Dr. Sultan Al-Sharief  from UQU, Makkah, Saudia Arabia presented his paper on CALL Authoring Software. Definitely gained a few pointers on how to integrate CALL in ELT.
Presenting my paper "Utilising Web 2.0. technologies in teaching the new KBSM English Literature Component".
Alhamdulillah, the presentation turned out smoothly and I also received good feedbacks from the audience.
  Noor Azliza Zainal Abidin from Wawasan Open University gave an exciting demonstration on ways to integrate games in learning. It was indeed awe-inspiring and fueled my enthusiasm to explore the realm of interactive games in order to sustain my students' interest in learning.
I presented MY LIT PROJECT, my school-based action research for the Creative Teacher Showcase. I integrated the use of Web 2.0 tools in enhancing the teaching of the new cycle of the English Literature Component.
The displays. I've used Blogspot, Youtube, Flickr, Hot Potatoes, Zymic, Slideshare and Macromedia Dreamweaver & Firework to develop this e-learning project.

Alhamdulillah, I won 1st prize in the Creative Teacher Showcase. The success was even sweeter when the Sultanah Johor herself, HRH Raja Zarith Sofiah was there to give away the prizes. She was indeed pleased when she knew I'm from Johor and her words of encouragement are definitely the cure to all the difficulties I had to face (it's a looooong story)  in order to attend this conference. It was definitely worth it!
Attending this conference was the best investment I've ever made. I've gained new knowledge, sharpened my oratory skills, networked with optimistic language practitioners and rejuvenated my passion for learning & teaching.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

19th MELTA International Conference

I'll be attending the 19th MELTA International Conference in KL from 7-8th June 2010. The two day conference would be held at The Royale Chulan and I'll be presenting my paper, Utilising Web 2.0. Technologies in Teaching the New KBSM English Literature Component. In my paper, I hope to share my findings and experience on the use of Web 2.0. technologies in teaching the English Lit Component so far. To me, attending this seminar would be a good platform to learn and exchange ideas on essential issues relating to ELT in Malaysia and in other countries as well.

According to the schedule, I'll be presenting on the second day at 8.35 a.m. Oh my, talk about being the early bird! Oh well, hope everything will turn out well sans technical glitch.  Later on at 11.30 a.m. onwards, I'll be participating in the Teacher Showcase Event. It is a special conference event that provides English Language Education practitioners with an opportunity to showcase best practices and teaching materials that have been effectively used within one or more contexts/ classroom/ teaching-learning situations.In this context, I will be presenting and sharing MY LIT PROJECT with the conference participants. This is the 2nd time I'm taking part and to be honest, I am participating because I believe that as a teacher, we need to share our ideas with our colleagues and students and who knows, it might be resourceful to others as well. By the way, I've uploaded two video presentations on Latiff Mohidin's In The Midst Of Hardship and Bibsy Soenharjo's He Had Such Quiet Eyes. It's a Project Based Learning activity that I've conducted with my Form 4SN1 recently and they definitely enjoy the session very much. Do check it out!