About this site

Learn, Teach, Love is my personal blog where I express my ideas, experience and hopes on teaching English Language and learning IT Management. Although I've started blogging as early as 1998 (via now defunct Geocities site),  the earlier posts were rather sporadic and were focussing more on personal issues of my salad days. Armed with limited knowledge of HTML coding and graphic skills, I attempted to learn more about the wonderful world of the World Wide Web and boy, was it tough.  Everything was learned from scratch through painstaking process of trials and errors.
Nowadays, everyone is blogging. Even babies and cats blog! How time changes.

This blog reflects my personal thoughts on issues on teaching and learning, something that is dear to me. Teaching is no longer a career, it's my passion. Thus, I felt jotting it down via an online journal would help me to improve myself as a teacher. Apart from that, I hope that I could connect with other teachers online and share our views on the teaching profession.  I do not want to linger in the comfort zone too long, definitely do not want to turn into a dull, complacent individual after years of teaching.

So here I am, hoping that I wouldn't write something gibberish, but something worth reading.

Thank you for visiting my humble virtual abode:)