Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Beautiful Imperfections

Much have been said about the beautiful works of the late Yasmin Ahmad. I have always been in awe of her talent in exploring the significant angles on banal things in life. Her expertise has always been in capturing the true essence of family bonding.

I used this YouTube video during my E-Classroom session with my students as the topic was Family. Majority of the girls cried at the end of the video clip and some even expressed how much they love their families after watching it. The boys looked unperturbed but I could see their eyes glistening with sadness, holding back their emotion.

When asked the impact of this video viewing to the pre-conception of family, the students stated that they know they love their families but sometimes, they took them for granted. Sibling rivalry, family squabbles and petty arguments are considered norms to some of them and personally, I'm sadden by this. However, I believe that by conducting brainstorming activities like this actually help the students to open up their minds and express their thoughts openly to their peers. Then, they realized that they are not the only ones who carry the burden as many of their classmates feel the weight as well.

From this experience, I believe that as a teacher, we must look beyond classroom boundaries in order to motivate our students to speak proficiently. The impact of advertisements is very strong to these young minds and could actually mold their life-long thoughts and perceptions.