Friday, October 30, 2009

English Literature books

I've got hold of these books yesterday and I'm still in the midst of reading the F4 & F5 poems, short stories and drama. I've only read through the poems as I was swarmed with tons of works, pending and waiting to be executed. (operational work plan, students' essays, ICELT, 2010's allocation of classes...the list goes on) I'm so glad that CDC is producing a handbook on this for all the teachers. That would greatly assists us teachers who might have myopic views on the latest English Literature Component. I was also informed by Kak Rahmah that there are novels for the F3 & F5 next year but the titles are yet to be announced. How I pray that they would choose something exciting and appealing to the learners. I think anything by Anita Desai would be apt, I like her styles of writing. Hemmingway's The Old Man and The Sea is also a great read, it's very straightforward (plus point especially when you're teaching the weaker students) but again, that's just my own personal opinion. We just have to wait patiently for the announcement by the MOE.

Apart from that, I'm planning to develop a learning module that could assist the students in understanding these literary texts better. My current LIT Module would be redundant by next year..too bad, after all the hard work. Ah well, life goes on and there's no use to mull over the past. After all, the experience would definitely assist me in developing the new one yeah. Think positive!

Developing our own materials require a great deal of patience and perseverance. It's a painstaking process, believe me... so, I'm taking it a step at a time. I'll collaborate with my colleagues so we could finish it faster and after all, two heads (or more) are better than one. Need to scout more information online or perhaps, hop into the bookstores nearby. Hopefully, I can do it during the school holidays, Insya Allah.


Anonymous said...

Hi.... Could you tell me where you got the books from? Are they fom the book store or did the suppliers send them to yur school already. Thanks

Nor Fadzleen said...

I got mine from my school's BOSS.Do check with your school's text book co-coordinator. If I'm not mistaken, all schools have been supplied with the English Literature books.

Anonymous said...

thanks.... problem is i am not from the MOE school system. So usually we are the last to get any materials. Will u be involved in the JU training for the Lit Module? Nov 30 - dec 4. My agency is waiting for an invite. Hopefully PPK will be kind enough to.

Rina said...

Hi....erm, I'm not from the MOE school system either, but I really am hoping that I'd grab hold of the books ASAP. Is there any possible way for me to get them maybe in bookstores? ~Rina~

Nor Fadzleen said...

Hi anonymous & Rina,
I haven't receive any letter on the JU training. In regards to the literature books, I've been told that the books are already available on the market. Try checking Popular bookstores & chain bookstores. I'll keep on updating this blog with the latest info on Lit Component check it out from time to time.