Thursday, November 12, 2009

2009 ICELT Snapshots

Presenting my paper
Explaining the versatility of educational freeware & games to the audience

Chris Allen rocks! I love his nonchalant approach towards ELT.

Annie Hughes enthralled us with her story telling techniques.

Rodney's melodrama workshop kept everyone in stitches.

Carolyn Graham, the inventor of Jazz Chants.

A candid shot of Carolyn & I.

Haslina a.k.a. Jack, Carolyn & I. Jack earned her 15 mins of fame when Carolyn chanted her name during her session ;)

"Mummy" & "Jack"

The uber-cool Sofia & I. Keep in touch aye ;)

Reunited with Mdm. Ho, whose daughters were my ex-students.


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