Sunday, January 31, 2010

JB's 2010 English Literature Course

 Pn. Hjh. Rahmah Sayuti, the trainer

Kak Rahmah & I
Flipping fantastic! That's how I would sum up the 2-day course that I've just attended with the other 22 participants at SMK Tasek Utara 2. Kudos to the trainers, Pn. Hjh. Rahmah and Mr. Azri for sharing with us the splendid approaches in tackling the new literary texts. I'm sure you had fun handling a room full of hyperactive teachers (only when we're not stuffed with tasty nasi lemak, lol)
 Group 3 members with Pn. Hjh. Rahmah & Pn. Zalina, GPK1 of SMKTU2.

Trying to gulp everything within 2 days is not an easy task. We were gasping for more time in order to digest everything that were presented. Nonetheless, I can assure you that all of the teachers who attended the course were totally immersed in all the tasks, especially the group activities. I can vouch for my group (Group 3: the loudest, the craziest yet the best group for this course!) that we enjoyed every single minute of it. I personally enjoyed the poetry in motion (meandering like a river), the choral speaking session (Selvi, you are the maestro of choral speaking, hands down) and the drama presentation of Gulp & Gasp.We could sense budding actor and actresses among all the teachers in JB. Rosyham Noor and Fasha Sanda, eat your heart out!
Poetry in motion. Credit: Engoasis
 Light, camera, action!!!!

Although we could leaf through the dictionary-thick modules or explore the CD on our own, I personally believe that by doing the activities ourselves, we could clearly see how they could be conducted or adapted in our own classrooms. I would like to congratulate all the State JUs for putting together the modules to assist all the teachers in teaching the new literary texts with ease. One interesting info, drama will not be tested in any assessment. However, we still need to teach them as part of literary appreciation and enrichment programme. By the way, I'll try to download some of the materials online for easy reference soon.


rina said...

please...please..please do download
the materials here in your blog :( really need them...


Rahmah said...

nice picts u have here fazleen! glad u enjoyed the course :)

Nor Fadzleen said...

Hi Rina,
I'm afraid I could only do that in gradual process due to my hectic schedule at the moment. Do check this site from time to time yeah.

Kak Rahmah,
Thanks, I enjoyed the course for sure. It's an honour to stand next to a great teacher like you. That reminds me, oh I owed you some pictures. Will send them soon. Take care.