Monday, March 15, 2010

Taking a breather

Things I did for the past one week:

*Documentation & execution of MY LIT PROJECT, my latest action research project (pheww!)
*Gave a talk to the Form 5 students at SM Teknik Johor Bahru, Johor  (I had a great time, such an attentive crowd )
*Formed the committee members for the School Website Contest - english version (dateline: 31st March *cringes*)
*Built website for the School Resource Centre (in progress)
*Marked test papers (sigh..5 failures for 5KN, need to do analysis item & module to overcome this problem)
    Things I am planning to do this week:

    *Take my sons out ( park, zoo, library,beach or some nice holiday spots)
    *Catch up on my reading (check out the MPH Sale, great books up for grab!)
    *Watch Alice In Wonderland!
    *Set items for the upcoming JB's SPM midyear examination 
    *Construct writing module, targeting on 5KN weak students (a simple academic writing template that would guide them to write better)
        Have a nice holiday!