Friday, April 23, 2010

Johor Youth Leadership Camp 2010

Date: 19-21st April 2010
Venue: PKG Tasek Utara, Johor Bahru, Johor.
Participants: Top students from Johor premier schools
Organiser: International Relations Unit, Johor State Education Department

I had the chance to be one of the facilitators during the 1st Johor Youth Leadership Camp and the experience is priceless. 110 top students from all around Johor are selected to unleash their potentials as exemplary leaders. The participants had to endure physical trainings such as wall climbing, kayaking, survival skills and many more. Apart from that, they are also exposed to team building activities that test their cooperative skills and abilities to follow instructions and lead their team mates.

I personally felt that the Global Leadership tutorial given by Pn. Rosliza Rosli, Head of the International Relations Unit was very resourceful as it opened up the young leaders' minds in understanding the importance of great leadership. I had the chance to conduct the Public Speaking session with some of the participants and I'm glad to discover that there are many potential orators that could be trained to express their ideas effectively. Oh yeah, they were also exposed to image consultation and proper etiquette by Mr. Azizurahman, the JPNJ Counselor. Not only one has to be mentally agile, one has to look sharp and presentable as well.

I bet majority of the participants were dead beat by the end of the session inclusive of the facilitators as well! We stayed up late for the past two nights and did the night watch (mine was 2-4 a.m.) but we would definitely treasure the moments and experience that we gained from this camp. I had the pleasure to guide 11 bright students and I can foresee these students becoming aspiring leaders. These participants would form Student Leaders Board in their own respective schools and we will later on pick 25 selected students to join the Johor Student Leaders Congress, the pinnacle of awesomeness when it comes to Internationalisation of School Programme. These students will represent Johor and Malaysia to various leadership conferences in Washington D.C. and Geneva. They would go through rigorous training and series of interviews as only the creme de la creme would be chosen. Good luck to all the participants and do keep in touch!