Friday, April 15, 2011

Mag Inc 2011 Contest Workshop & Debate

Last Monday, my students and I attended the Mag Inc. 2011 Contest Workshop at Olympia College, JB. This is the final leg of the workshop series organised by The Star-Pizza Hut. This year, our school decided to take part for the first time after discovering the multiplier advantages that this contest would offer the students.
My beloved students. L-R: Shafiqah, Fara, Iman and Darshan.
The main facilitator was Nithya Sidhu, the columnist for Teacher's Talk. I'm an ardent follower of her column since I could relate and emphatise with her musings. It was a privilege to finally meet her in person and even a pleasant surprise when she asked me to share my views during her session.

The debonair Miss Natasha shared her expertise on magazine publication.

The workshop participants. It was wonderful to see familiar faces such as JSL Sara Adriana and JSL Sarvind. I've also met some fellow teachers such as Sui Liang , Mdm. Tan, Mdm. Ho and Mr. Adib.  Everyone seems to be immersed in the workshop.

Think, think, think!

A snapshot with Mrs. Nithya Sidhu, the workshop facilitator.

Fara with one of the last year's winning mags.

If you are interested to participate in this year Mag Inc. 2011 Contest, you can refer to this site for more information. It's time to unleash your creativity and put on your thinking cap and your hard work would be rewarded with delectable pizzas!

The next day, I drove to SMK Bandar Putra, Kulai as I was appointed as the Chief Adjudicator for the Final round of the District Level English Parliamentary Debate. I had the chance to work with Kara from SMK Bandar Selesa Jaya 2 and Hemma Roshenny from UTM JB. Unfortunately, I didn't had time to snap any photo but it was indeed wonderful to see students being so enthusiastic in presenting their arguments. Thank you PPD Kulai for giving me this opportunity.


FEER said...

im one of the teachers from bandar tenggara 2 that day heheh...just follow ur blog recently help me a lot wif those infos...tq..if i not mistaken, i met u before at hotel pontian.kursus peningkatan akademik bi jpnj/ypj last year...

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Was browsing the net when I came across your mention of me in your blog. Though the hour was late, I ended up reading all the other stuff you have on it! Wow! I'm impressed - you're a mover and a shaker, alright. Hats off to teachers like you who keep the flame burning! Do e-mail me : Tk care and keep in touch. And, yes I agree - my family means the world to me too.

Nor Fadzleen said...

Your team definitely have the potential, keep it up! It's nice to know another teacher who reads my blog, hope it helps :) Oh you went to that course too? that's cool!

Nor Fadzleen said...

Hi Ms. Nithya,
Thanks for visiting my blog, it's such a pleasant surprise :) Thanks for your kind words, we'll keep in touch definitely. Take care too.