Thursday, September 15, 2011

ICELT 2011

I'm off to Lumut, Perak this weekend to attend the International Conference on English Language Teaching (ICELT) 2011. I'm representing JPNJ and the title of my paper is '3-2-1 Action! : Digital Storytelling in ESL Classroom' which is based on my Action Research with 4SN1 recently. It took me about 2 months to conduct it as it involves hands-on activity (workshop on Digital Storytelling, writing storyboard and editting videos) to my target group (my students) and the project-based learning coordination as well. Nonetheless, I am glad that my students really cherished the knowledge and experience gained during the project.

The students are also exposed to the integration of Web 2.0. media tools (YouTube, Picnik, Facebook, Blog) in conducting this project. They really work hard to come up with their digital stories. They even surprised themselves (me too!) when they come up with such creative and wonderful videos. I dare say some of them are way better than me and you know, that's practically fine with me :) It's all about tapping into the students' creativity and utilising their multiple intelligence in learning English Language more efficiently. I do hope that sharing the experience of teaching Digital Storytelling with the conference participants would help others to see the potential of Digital Storytelling in enhancing verbal proficiency, creativity, active learning and high-order thinking skills. I am looking forward to learning more from other presenters and networking with other participants from all over the world.


Latisha said...

Dear Fadzleen,

UiTM Perlis will host 2012 SALT Conference on 9-10 September 2012.If you are interested, do send your abstract here

Anonymous said...

Hi Fadzleen,
I attended your session and it's a great presentation. I'm inspired to do this with my students as well. Thanks for sharing your AR.


Nor Fadzleen said...

Dear Latisha,
Thank you for the info.

Nor Fadzleen said...

Hi Diane,
Thanks, glad you like the presentation. Do share how it turns out later yeah?