Saturday, January 29, 2011

21st IAVE International Youth Conference : A Photo Essay

Last week, I was given the opportunity to participate in the 21st IAVE World Youth Volunteer Conference. Held at the Singapore Management University, the event successfully united all the youth leaders, teen volunteers and NGO officers from all around the world. The main objective is to engage and explore how volunteerism can help create substantial multiplier effects within communities and play a critical role in a sustainable future for all.
The Johore Student Leaders Council (JSLC) members who attended the conference. The entourage was sponsored by Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA). [back : l-r: Syafiq Azhar, Syafiq Nash, Sarvind and Hafiz. front: l-r: Nabila, Kothai, Sara and Sofiya.]
The accompanying officers with Syafiq, one of the JSLC members. Far left is Madam Rosliza Rosli,  the International Relations Officer for the Johor Education Department.
The plenary session by Hugh Evans. He is a world- reknown humanitarian and the CEO of the Global Poverty Project.
I attended a talk by Hugh where he explained extensively on Resource Management. As the JSLC would be organising an international conference soon, it is vital for the team to know the best way to get sponsors and sustain the cashflow on upcoming projects.
I was fascinated with SCAPE, the hub for youth activities in Singapore. I seriously think we need to provide teens with various mind-rejuvenating activities that would deter them from unfavourable influence. We need to encourage youth to be involved in volunteerism as is the key to maintain an equilbrium of needs and wants.
I attended a session on Project Management, led by Samantha Kerr. She is the chairperson for the Scottish Youth Parliament. A laidback approach yet full of brilliant ways to help youth kickstart their projects.

International Culture Night. On my left is MP Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatimah Lateef who officiated the event.
Baju kurung meets hanbok :)

The Malaysian team, garbed in our national attires. I am proud of them as they managed to network with the other delegates effortlessly. Way to go!
The team's night out at Vivo City. Thanks to Tracy Ter, our Volunteer Ambassador (VA) who has been a wonderful host. We bonded so well with her. We miss you so much, Tracy :)
Jamilah and I at Esplanade. Jamilah is the Youth Development Officer at Yayasan Mendaki, Singapore. She has achieved so much in her life yet she is so down to earth and friendly. We'll definitely keep in touch, Jam!

In a nutshell, the conference had opened my mind and broaden my perspectives on leadership, youth volunteerism and project management. When I discovered that Singaporean students have social service as part of their school curriculum, I was definitely enthralled with the concept. I believe we need to cultivate volunteerism amongst our Malaysian students albeit the fact it should come from the heart and not be enforced upon the teenagers. I also believe that leadership is not just about giving orders and producing excellent documentation alone. A true leader needs to be involved at grassroot level, physically involved in community-based activities and initiate change that would lead to a better tomorrow. Apart from attending conferences, I have discovered that there are a lot of books that students can rely on as a guidance in conducting their community projects. So if you miss the chance to attend the youth conference, you can always go to and select books that specifically focus on student leadership. Service above self :)


Anonymous said...

salam teacher, how do i join conference like this?


Nor Fadzleen said...

Salam Farah,
FYI, the State Education Department would usually inform the schools on conferences related to youth. Other than that, you can check if you are interested to be active in volunteerism.

Anonymous said...

Salam Cikgu...

Apa khabar? Wah!I didn't realised about this blog of yours until my friend discovered and informed me. Hope you are doing well.


Nor Fadzleen said...

Salam Jam,
Hey, khabar baik, how are you? I hope you're doing well too. Selamat berpuasa Jam & selamat hari raya. Datang la ke rumah ye.