Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

I hope it's not too late to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year. It's been awhile since I've updated my blog due to the fact I was in the midst of moving to a new house. I was kinda caught up in the packing and unpacking frenzy. Thank God that everything turned out well but since I am nursing my knee injury, the process of sprucing up the place might take a bit longer than expected.

On 24th December last year, I attended the Innovation Day ( Hari Inovasi) organised by the Johor Education Department. Held at SM Teknik Johor Bahru, it's an event that highlights achievements and innovation made by the education personnels in Johor. Alhamdulillah, I have been chosen to receive the 'Anugerah Khas Kualiti' from the Director of the Johor Education Department, Y.B. Tn. Hj. Markom Bin Giran. I was nominated by my principal, Pn. Hjh. Zainab Bt. Ali and I am thankful that she believed in me despite the fact I was away from school for 4 months due to my accident. This is my second time receiving the same award but last year, I was unable to attend the prize-giving ceremony due to conjunctivitis. It was such a great experience being able to talk and share experience with some of the established names in the Johor education circle. I had the chance to talk to Pn. Fuziah Hassan, the headmistress ( Guru Besar Cemerlang) of SK Bandar Uda 2, one of the high performing schools in Malaysia. She has imparted a lot of great tips on how to excel in the education field. Thanks Kak Gee!
Elated and grateful. In the midst of hardship, there's blessing in disguise.

My no. 1 supporter and I.
 My colleague and I. Kak Nani was chosen as one of the 'Setiausaha Peperiksaan Cemerlang' in Johor. Congrats, you definitely deserve it! Our school received 4 awards that day. Go Tasek! 
 While flipping the event booklet, I came across a page on Patent and Copyright Act. It seems that Johor Education Department is encouraging the personnels to patent their work legally and they are helping us to do that. That's fantastic. Coincidentally, I was facing a dillema when I came across some sites that use my materials without acknowledgement and some even claimed those are theirs. As much as I love to share my materials with everyone, I was hoping they would have the courtesy and common sense to linkback and not blatantly claim other people's work as theirs. I know that to some people, this may come across as trivial matters but to me, it is vital that we learn the proper Net ethics and teach our students how to utilise the materials online well.

The first week of school was hectic. I'm back being the Head of English Language Panel but am still the Media and Resource Centre Coordinator until the District Education Office appoints another person soon. Thanks to Kak Rahmah for being my mentor and helping me out. Oh yeah, I have to juggle a lot of posts this year, trying to come up with a plan to manage various areas within such limited time and resources. We teachers are excellent multi-taskers anyway ;)

Climbing the stairs take longer time than before. I am so so thankful I have wonderful students who are very understanding and always there to offer help when needed. I hope I can be a better teacher this year and learn more things along the way. I hope to share more education materials on this blog as I believe we teachers can benefit better with broader networking. May you have a blissful year ahead!


Rahmah said...

welcome back and congrats!!

Nor Fadzleen said...

Thanks kak rahmah. hope you're doing great :)